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The difference between refractory mud and refractory cement

There is a difference between refractory mud and refractory cement,which many customers are confused.Oreworld Trade(Tangshan) Co.,Ltd tells you the difference between them.

A binder is used in the kiln masonry,and this binder is called refractory mud or joint material (called refractory mud after adding water),which is the main auxiliary type for kiln masonry.The material is also the joint filler of the refractory brick and the refractory brick,which can play the role of the initial jointing of the furnace body without sticking.

The refractory mud consists of refractory powder and admixture.Almost all refractory materials can be made into powders used to make refractory clay.The ordinary refractory mud made of refractory clinker powder and an appropriate amount of binder is of low strength in average temperature,and has high strength when formed at a high temperature.A chemically bonded refractory clay which uses a gas-hard or thermosetting bonding material as a binder,hardens by generating a certain chemical reaction before forming a ceramic bonding temperature.

High alumina refractory cement is a hydraulic cementitious material prepared by calcining a clinker made of alumina bauxite and limestone as a main component and having an alumina content of about 50%.

High alumina refractory cements are often yellow or brown and are also gray.The main minerals are calcium monocalcium phosphate (CaO·Al2O3, abbreviated CA) and other aluminates,as well as a small amount of dicalcium silicate (2CaO·SiO2). It is used for cementing various refractory aggregates (such as corundum, calcined high alumina bauxite, etc.),and it is made into refractory mortar or concrete for lining of industrial kiln.

The biggest difference between refractory mud and refractory cement is that it is used as a masonry refractory brick (added with water or other liquids),while refractory cement is used as a cementing material for various refractory aggregates as lining of the kiln.
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