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The Durability of Sulphoaluminate Cement

1. About sulfoaluminate cement

Sulfoaluminate cement is one of the important cementitious materials. It is widely used in engineering rescue due to its early high-strength characteristics, especially for the occasions where early-stage strength is required for emergency repairs. In order to meet the increasing engineering requirements, it is necessary to improve the ultra-early strength of sulfoaluminate cement-based materials to achieve road repair, engineering rescue and other goals. The main feature of the Portland cement series is that the clinker mineral composition is dominated by C3S, which determines the basic properties of Portland cement, such as the law of strength development.

2. How is the durability of sulfoaluminate cement?

Calcium sulfoaluminate cement has attracted much attention due to their swelling (or compensating shrinkage) and rapid hardening properties, low energy intensity and low carbon emissions. The production and hydration of calcium sulfoaluminate cement has been extensively studied, but its durability aspects are not known. Due to its composition and intrinsic properties, calcium sulfoaluminate cement is expected to perform better than Portland cement (PC) concrete in several respects, including shrinkage and cracking due to limited shrinkage, freeze-thaw failure, alkali silica reaction and sulfate attack. However, the researchers investigated the transport properties, carbonation resistance, and corrosion protection of calcium sulfoaluminate cements for steel reinforcement, all of which are related to the chemical composition of calcium sulfoaluminate cement and the properties of the environment in which it is used. For example, calcium sulfoaluminate cement is less resistant to carbonation and chloride penetration than PC concrete, but some studies have shown that it can perform well when exposed to ocean tidal zones due to strong self-drying effects. Protect rebar from corrosion.

Calcium sulfoaluminate cements are naturally superior to Portland cements and aluminium cement due to differences in compositional characteristics, such as shrinkage and shrinkage crack control and resistance to freeze-thaw damage, alkali-aggregate reactions, and sulfate attack. However, the academic community has not yet reached a consensus on the transmission properties, carbonation resistance and corrosion protection properties of sulfoaluminate cement concrete. These differences are attributed to the variability of calcium sulfoaluminate cement chemical composition and service environmental conditions. Some studies have found that although some calcium sulfoaluminate cements are not as resistant to carbonization and chloride ion erosion as Portland concrete, their strong internal self-drying makes them well protected for steel reinforcement in concrete structures in marine tidal environments.

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The Durability of Sulphoaluminate Cement