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Where Are the Uses of High Alumina Cement?

Ⅰ. Learn about high alumina cement

High alumina cement (previously called bauxite cement) is a hydraulic cementing material with aluminate as the main mineral component, which is prepared by using bauxite and lime as raw materials, prepared in a certain proportion, and calcined and ground. It is also called aluminate cement.

Ⅱ. The use of high alumina cement

1. High alumina cement has the characteristic of high early strength growth rate. It can be used to make fast-hardening concrete and fast-hardening mortar, which can be used in projects with special needs, such as emergency construction, emergency repair, sulfate corrosion resistance and winter construction.

2. Making heat-resistant concrete and heat-resistant mortar: high alumina cement is a cementing material suitable for general heat-resistant engineering. Its strength is high. When making heat-resistant concrete, refractory materials can be used, so the heat resistance of mortar or concrete is good. It is suitable for various raw materials in metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, machinery, building materials and other industries.

3. Low temperature construction: high alumina cement hydrates quickly, heats up concentratedly, and is much faster than portland cement at low temperature. Construction above 5°C can eliminate steam curing and cold-proof measures, and speed up the progress of the project.

4. Projects used for sulfate corrosion resistance: high alumina cement has good sulfate corrosion resistance and is suitable for seaport projects, railway construction and construction projects in salt lake areas, weakly acidic pressurized water pipelines and so on.

5. Production of other types of cement; using high alumina cement as raw material, various expansion and contraction compensation and special heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant cements can be produced, such as aluminate self-stressing cement, silicate self-stressing cement, gypsum geotechnical expansion cement, impervious and non-shrinking cement, heat-resistant oil well cement, ammonium-resistant polymer cement, super fast hardening cement.

6. Other uses: high alumina cement (calcium aluminate powder) is the main raw material for the production of water purifiers, with an aluminum content of more than 53%, and it is also the main raw material for the production of inorganic granite (artificial marble). High alumina cement can also be used to make chemical industry catalysts, antifreeze concrete, anti-neutron radiation concrete, casting models, spark plugs, arc reducing covers for electrical switches and so on.

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Where Are the Uses of High Alumina Cement?