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The Overview of Light Calcium Carbonate (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate)

Raw material: natural limestone

General introduction to the making process

Calcine the selected limestone and decompose it into calcium oxide (CaO), then add water (H2O) to digest the CaO into calcium hydroxide (Ca (OH)2) emulsion, after the emulsion is refined and purified, inlet carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate (CaCO3), and the finished products come out through dehydration, drying, crushing and packaging. This kind of calcium carbonate is called light calcium carbonate or precipitates calcium carbonate, which is also called light calcium for short. The quality of light calcium carbonate is not only determined by the quality of natural calcium carbonate, but also by chemical reaction conditions such as calcination and grading fineness.

Product brief introduction

Calcium carbonate is a very important inorganic salt raw material and the most commonly used filler in the manufacturing and processing industry. It is widely used in rubber, plastic, paper, ink, paint, building materials, crops, fruit trees, food, medicine, and other industries. Calcium carbonate usually can be divided into two forms according to the production method, and the physical and chemical properties are also different. The one that is made by a chemical synthesis reaction is called light calcium carbonate, and the other that is made by the means of physical-mechanical grinding is called heavy calcium carbonate. The most obvious differences between light and heavy calcium carbonate lie in pH value, fineness, and particle shape. The shape of light calcium carbonate is mainly spindly, while that of heavy calcium carbonate is mainly irregular particles, and the differences between fineness and shape result in the difference of apparent specific gravity. In order to achieve the desired effect, users can choose the most suitable specifications in various calcium carbonate products according to the application environment or personal use.

Product features

· The particles are smaller than the heavy calcium carbonate and have better fineness.

· High whiteness and excellent color.

· Low impurities and high purity.

· The main body of the particle structure is spindle-shaped and cylindrical.

· Good dispersity of products.

· The product is of good quality, so suitable items can be selected based on apparent specific gravity and oil absorption.

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