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Light Calcium Carbonate

Light Calcium Carbonate, also named precipitated calcium carbonate, is a kind of active calcium carbonate. The manufactured process of light calcium carbonate is achieved by chemical synthesis. Because its settlement volume (2.4-2.8mL/g) is larger than that of the heavy calcium carbonate produced by mechanical method (1.1-1.9mL/g), it is called light calcium carbonate.

Light Calcium Carbonate Characteristics

* The particle size is smaller than that of heavy calcium carbonate; Better fineness.
* Better whiteness.
* Less impurities; high purity.
* The appearance is mainly spindle or spherical shape.
* Good dispersion

Light Calcium Carbonate Main Applications

Light calcium carbonate has a wide range of functions and can be used in the following industries:
1)The rubber industry: calcium carbonate is one of the earliest largest filling agents used in the rubber industry.
2)Plastics industry: calcium carbonate play a great role in the stability of plastic products, improve the hardness of the products, and improve the surface gloss and surface smoothness of the products.
3)Paint industry
4)Water-based coatings industry

Light Calcium Carbonate Technical data

Index specification
CaCO3, % ≥ 98
PH Value 9.0-10.0
105℃ volatile content,% ≤ 0.4
insoluble matter content of hydrochloric acid,% ≤ 0.1
sedimentation, ml/g ≥ 2.8
125um, % ≤ 0.005
45um, % ≤ 0.3
Fe content,% ≤ 0.08
Mn content,% ≤ 0.006
Whiteness≥ 90

Light Calcium Carbonate Packing:

By 25kgs PP. Bags.
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