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What Are the Application Characteristics of Alumina Cement in Castables

1. The application characteristics of alumina cement in castables

The application of alumina cement in castables. Alumina cement has always played an important role as a binder for castables because of its good performance. The main mineral phases in ordinary alumina cement are CA, CA2, C12A7 and a-Al203, which depend on the ratio of CaO and A203 in the sintering material. The influence of alumina cement on the anti-blasting properties of low cement castables containing ultrafine powder. Alumina has a melting point of about 2050°C and is generally white with many homogeneous crystals. The alumina commonly used in industry is made from impurities such as silicon, iron, and titanium extracted from processed bauxite. The important point is that industrial alumina has a very high purity, among which the higher one can reach more than 99%. It is also because alumina cement has better performance and a wide range of fluctuations, so it is an indispensable additive in refractory castables.

Alumina used in unshaped refractories can effectively increase the performance of castables. Castables with higher alumina purity will have higher wear resistance and fire resistance. Just like corundum wear-resistant castables, the alumina content is more than 99%, which is used in the more worn parts of the circulating fluidized bed boiler. Moreover, because the castable has strong wear resistance and fire resistance, and load softening performance, when it is used on the heating surface of the boiler, the effect is also very significant.

2. Alumina cement is widely used in castables

The application of alumina cement in castables is very extensive, not only can directly determine the performance of the castable, the higher the alumina content of the castable, the price is naturally more expensive than ordinary castables. The higher the alumina content, the more expensive the price will be. But at the same time it also means that the quality of the castable will be better. When the castable is used in construction, the boiler will have a longer operating life, laying a better foundation for the long-term economic operation of the boiler.

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What Are the Application Characteristics of Alumina Cement in Castables