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White Cement Creates Infinite Possibilities

White portland cement, known as white cement for short and also known as white portland cement, has been produced and applied in China for more than 60 years. Before China first introduced 52.5 grade high-strength white cement in 2009, white cement has been regarded as a kind of decorative material without strength for domestic users.

In Europe and the United States, white cement is widely used as a multi-functional material, which can be used to build large-scale functional buildings, as well as novel and designed objects, such as works of art and furniture. In Southeast Asia, white cement is mostly used in the fields of terrazzo, washstone, colored facing mortar, putty for interior and exterior walls, horticultural sculpture and so on. In China, glass fiber reinforced concrete prefabricated components and cultural stones are widely used as wall decoration materials. Cast-in-place or prefabricated fair-faced concrete slabs and transparent concrete slabs are the trend in the future.

White cement opens new architectural horizons and uses new expressions to show people new sensory impressions, and it is applied the new colors, structures and forms.

In the future, white cement will be more and more widely used in the field of architecture, and it will become more and more novel and changeable. It will gradually move from back of the scenes to front of the scenes. It will be recognized and understood by more architects, designers and developers, and will develop new aesthetic potential in their hands.

General application of white portland cement:

1. Dry-mixed mortar: putty, waterproof coating and plastering mortar, ceramic tile sealant and binder, color mortar, cement paint, self-leveling.

2. Concrete prefabricated components: concrete decorative wall materials, isolation belts, glass fiber reinforced concrete components, cultural stone, etc.

3. Paving and masonry products: Colored concrete bricks and stone slabs, concrete block bricks, architectural and horticultural decoration components.

4. Special products: terrazzo, washstone, wood chipboard, color cement, horticulture and sculpture.

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