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What is Sulphoaluminate Cement?

1. Know sulphoaluminate cement

Sulphoaluminate cement: Aluminium raw materials (such as bauxite), calcareous raw materials (such as limestone) and gypsum are properly combined and then calcined into clinker containing an appropriate amount of anhydrous calcium sulfoaluminate. The hydraulic cementing material obtained by mixing appropriate amount of gypsum and grinding together is sulphoaluminate cement. Sulphoaluminate cement has good low-temperature hardening performance and can still harden normally at 5°C. The cement stone is dense, has good sulfate resistance, good frost resistance and impermeability, and can be used in emergency repair projects, winter construction projects, underground projects, and the preparation of expansive cement and self-stressing cement. Due to the low alkalinity of the liquid phase of cement paste, the PH value is only 9.8 to 10.2, which is less corrosive to glass fibers.

The sulphoaluminate cement series are mainly composed of calcium sulphoaluminate and dicalcium silicate as the main minerals. It was independently researched and invented by the China Academy of Building Materials Science. Sulphoaluminate cement is widely used in emergency repair and construction projects, prefabricated components, GRC products, low temperature construction projects, seawater corrosion resistance projects, etc.

2. Are sulphoaluminate cement and fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement the same product?

Sulphoaluminate cement is divided into: fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement, low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement and self-stressing sulphoaluminate cement.

Quick-hardening sulphoaluminate cement is made of sulphoaluminate cement clinker with proper composition, proper amount of limestone and gypsum. It has the characteristics of fast condensation time (code name: R.SAC). Fast hardening sulphoaluminate cement belongs to a kind of sulphoaluminate cement, and sulphoaluminate cement is a collective term.

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What is Sulphoaluminate Cement?