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Advantages of domestic magnesia spinel bricks applied in cement kiln

Magnesia spinel brick has the advantages of chromium-free environmental protection, good thermal shock stability,good kiln skin,good corrosion resistance,low thermal expansion and low thermal conductivity,and good structural flexibility.In practical application,the service life of the brick is more than 1 year,the kiln skin is burned quickly,the thickness of the kiln skin is even and stable,and the refractory brick has no large slump.The kiln has no refractory brick peeling phenomenon,and the temperature of the kiln cylinder is low,and the loss of heat energy is low.

Compared with similar foreign products,domestic magnesia spinel bricks have the advantages of short order cycle,low price, low spare capacity and convenient after-sales service.

Magnesia spinel brick has a chromium-free environmental advantage:

There are two main ways to cause chromium pollution in chromium-containing refractories in the cement industry:First,in the process of clinker calcination,when the Cr2O3 refractory contains oxidizing atmosphere and alkaline oxides such as K2O,Na2O,CaO,etc.,at certain temperature, its Cr3+ will be partially converted into Cr6+ which is seriously harmful to human health,and will be mixed into the clinker when the refractory material is eroded and peeled off,resulting in high chromium content of the cement.Second,it is the unreasonable treatment method of the chromium-containing wasted brick.For example,open-air stacking is washed into the river by rainwater, or used as a mixed material to join cement.

Performance advantages of domestic magnesia spinel bricks:

1. Good thermal shock stability
2. Good ability to hang "kiln skin"
3. Good resistance to corrosion
4. Low thermal expansion and low thermal conductivity
5. Better structural flexibility
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