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Application of CSA Cement in Special Engineering Materials

New engineering materials based on sulphoaluminate minerals have a wide range of applications in construction, mining, and waterproof materials. They are new engineering materials that are highly concerned and focused on by experts and scholars in the field of materials science at home and abroad.

At present, it has been successfully developed: high-water quick-setting filling materials - mainly used in the support of mines such as gold mines, coal mines.; new waterproof materials - suitable for waterproof and anti-seepage engineering of industrial and civil buildings; high-strength grouting materials - mainly used for filling large machine tool foundations, pier foundations, caves, cracks and grooves; new alkali-free concrete expansion agent - with low dosage, high strength, large expansion, etc., used for underground anti-seepage, anti-corrosion engineering, concrete structure compensation shrinkage Engineering, etc.

Special engineering materials mainly made of CSA cement include:
  • CSA expansion agent
  • CSA High efficient waterproofing agent
  • CSA Rapid set self-leveling mortar
  • CSA fast plugging agent
  • CSA dry powder for exterior wall insulation
  • CSA high efficient non shrinkage grout
  • CSA Tile Adhesives
  • CSA Drymix mortar
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Application of CSA Cement in Special Engineering Materials