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Cement Types in China

1.Types of Cement in China devided according to its applications and performance:

(1) General cement:
Cement is commonly used in civil engineering construction. General cement mainly include six types of cements specified in GB175-1999, GB1344-1999 and GB12958-1999, namely Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, pozzolanic Portland cement, powder Coal ash Portland cement and composite Portland cement.
(2) Special cement: special purpose cement. Such as: G-class oil well cement, road Portland cement.
(3) Special cements: a certain cement with outstanding performance. Such as: rapid hardening Portland cement, low thermal slag Portland cement, expanded sulphoaluminate cement.

2. Cement is divided into 3 types according to its main hydraulic substance names:

(1) Portland cement, known as Portland cement abroad;
(2) Aluminate cement (also name as calcium aluminate cement, high alumina cement)
(3) Sulphoaluminate cement(also name as CSA cement, calcium sulfoaluminate cement);

The sulfoaluminate cement includes common calcium sulfoaluminate cement and Ferric aluminate cement. What we are supplying is just the common calcium sulfoaluminate cement. We also called it as CSA cement in short.
The CSA cement includes
Fast setting sulphoaluminate cement
Expanded sulphoaluminate cement
Self-stressing sulphoaluminate cement
High strength sulphoaluminate cement
Low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement
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Cement Types in China