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Introduction of Premelt Calcium Aluminate

Fused calcium aluminate, also known as pre-melting refining slag, is a refractory material for refining molten steel made of calcium aluminate as the main raw material.

Scope of application of fused calcium aluminate:

It is mainly used in LF, open hearth and converter ladle refining to remove impurities such as sulphur and oxygen from molten steel and reduce the content of harmful elements and impurities in steel. It is suitable for common carbon steel, high carbon steel, high and low alloy steel.

Advantages of fused calcium aluminate:

1. It has high desulfurization and deoxidization functions, which can minimize the sulfide and sulfur oxide in molten steel.
2. It has the functions of heat preservation and adsorption of non-metallic inclusions.
3. It can help improve the smelting quality of clean steel and increase the benefit of steel products.

Application of fused calcium aluminate:

Fused calcium aluminate has different uses and methods of use. This paper briefly introduces deoxidation and desulfurization:
1. When deoxidization is the main process, the ladle bottom is added directly before tapping; the amount of carbon added is determined by the carbon content of the molten steel at the end point, usually 4-6kg/1000kg steel; before tapping, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon and aluminium are added routinely; after tapping, ferromanganese and ferrosilicon are added routinely to the carbon structural steel without adding other alloys and aluminium feeding wires, and the ladle only needs argon blowing refining; after using the product, the carburizing agent (carbonization) is added. The dosage of silicon can be reduced by 30-50%.
2. When desulfurization is the main factor, the pre-added amount of the ladle bottom is 1/3 good, but it must be added to the impact position of the ladle bottom steel flow; with the outflow of the ladle, 2/3 amount is added at the side; the amount of the steel used is 6-8 kg/1000kg, depending on the original sulfur content of the molten steel and the use effect.
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