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CSA Cement Application in Marine Construction Engineering

CSA cement has the seawater erosion resistance and frost resistance which can not be compared with Portland cement, and is the best choice for cement materials needed in the construction of marine engineering including the Arctic Ocean. China is the only country in the world with a national standard for CSA cement and CSA cement industry.

In addition to the unrivaled seawater erosion resistance and excellent antifreeze performance of Portland cement, CSA cement has also made a major breakthrough in production, changing the history of dry kiln production in the past. What is even more gratifying is that compared with Portland cement clinker, it can save 31% of coal, reduce CO2 by 30%, reduce NOx by 70%, and emit zero SO2. In other words, its production is more green. This laid the foundation for the expansion of the supply of sulfur (iron) aluminate cement.

For users of offshore engineering construction, it should be recommended to use Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement with superior seawater erosion resistance. It is used for marine engineering and coastal energy infrastructure construction, such as seaport engineering, coastal defense, island reef construction, bridges and tunnels, offshore oil and gas development, offshore platform construction, etc. to provide basic guarantees for the development of the marine economy and the protection of the seas and seas.
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