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Development and Characteristics of CSA Cement

With the improvement of the level of science and technology, garden landscape has become a part of people's enjoyment. With the development of economy and society, the rockery made of CSA cement is replacing the rockery made of ordinary cement.

Because CSA cement has excellent characteristics such as early strength, high strength, frost resistance, impermeability, corrosion resistance and low alkalinity, and saves a lot of manpower and material resources in terms of cost and flexibility, it truly achieves low carbon, ecological and environmental protection.

Ⅰ. Development overview of CSA cement

After nearly 200 years of development, cement has gradually formed three series of silicate, aluminate and sulfoaluminate. Among them, Portland cement is the most widely used inorganic cementitious material.

However, the properties and characteristics of Portland cement determine that it cannot meet the needs of some special projects and the needs of new construction technologies. Therefore, all countries in the world are researching and developing special cements and special cements.

In 1975, Chinese scientists successfully developed CSA cement and won the second prize of the National Invention Award in 1982 and 1987 respectively.

This variety of cement has the characteristics of superior fast setting and fast hardening, frost resistance, corrosion resistance, crack resistance and high strength. CSA cement has been widely used in various engineering constructions.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of CSA cement

The main mineral composition of CSA cement is different from that of Portland cement. The clinker minerals of CSA cement are mainly anhydrous calcium sulfoaluminate, dicalcium silicate and iron phase. The hydration activity can be rapidly hydrated and produce a certain volume expansion.

CSA cement has many special properties that Portland cement does not have. The main characteristics of CSA cement are as follows:

1. Has significant energy saving and emission reduction characteristics

Compared with Portland cement, CSA cement has about 20% lower limestone dosage and about 150 ℃ lower firing temperature, which has the characteristics of low carbon emission and low energy consumption. Energy saving and emission reduction are of great significance.

2. It has the characteristics of efficient utilization of industrial waste residues

Modified CSA cement raw materials can use industrial waste residues containing CaO, Al2O3, SiO2, SO3, Fe2O3 and other chemical components, such as fly ash, coal gangue, coal slime, industrial gypsum, etc. to replace natural raw materials, which can effectively absorb and resource utilization of industrial waste residues.

This is of great significance for solving the problems of a large number of industrial waste residues occupying land resources, polluting the environment, and causing potential safety hazards, and it is in line with the country's policy of vigorously developing a circular economy.

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Development and Characteristics of CSA Cement