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What is CSA Expansion Agent

CSA expansion agent is made by expansion clinker that is high-temperature calcined in a rotary kiln, mixed with high-quality gypsum and modified components, and ground together according to a specific process. It is a high-performance, low-volume, low-alkali sulphoaluminate concrete expansion agent. Its formulated shrinkage-compensating concrete can reduce harmful cracks in concrete structures due to dry shrinkage and cold shrinkage, overcome structural leakage problems (structure self-waterproofing), and solve the problem of seamless construction of reinforced concrete super-long structures. We called it CSA expansion agent. The main performance is similar to the DENKA CSA From Japan.

Main characters of CSA expansion agent:

▓ Low alkali content. There are few K + and Na + ions in the raw materials used, so the total alkali content of the product is less than 0.30%.

▓High hydration reaction and short reaction period. The macro performance is that the expansion period of the expansion agent is short. Generally, after 14 days in the water, there is no obvious expansion, so it has no significant effect on the early strength of the concrete, and it has a strengthening effect on the later strength.

▓ Under the constraints of steel bars, micro-expansion establishes a self-stress value of 0.2 to 0.7Mpa in the concrete to improve crack resistance.

▓ Micro-expansion improves the compactness of concrete, and the anti-freezing and anti-corrosion properties are also significantly improved.

▓ No chloride ion, no corrosion to steel bar, no influence on water quality of storage tank.

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What is CSA Expansion Agent