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How to distinguish the quality of high alumina fire bricks

High alumina bricks are commonly used in China for industrial furnaces such as steel, steelmaking,hot blast stoves,electric furnace tops,blast furnaces,reverberatory furnaces,rotary kiln linings,etc.,which are mainly composed of high alumina bauxite;sillimanite minerals (including  Kyanite,red sill,sillimanite,etc.;artificial composition of materials,such as industrial alumina,mullite,fused corundum and so on.High alumina fire bricks manufacturer Oreworld Trade(Tangshan)teaches everyone how to distinguish the quality of high alumina fire bricks?

High alumina brick enjoys a sound use quality,high refractoriness and long service life.It is the first refractory brick product used in industrial furnaces.In general,the unit cannot correctly distinguish the quality and grade of high alumina bricks during the acquisition,resulting in the purchase of low-grade goods at a high price,and then reducing the service life of the kiln.Therefore,Oreworld Trade(Tangshan)briefly introduces how to identify the quality of bricks during an acquisition.

Color:When purchasing high-alumina bricks,the first thing to look at is color.The excellent high-alumina brick surface is lubricated,and the color is yellow and white,the four sides are flat with no break angle and cracks.

Component:To weigh the weight of a single brick,the component of the first-class high-aluminum brick is 4.5 kg according to the component specification.The grade of high-grade aluminum brick is 4.2 kg,and the component of grade III high-alumina brick is 3.9 kg.The grade can reach the standard as excellent high-aluminum brick.On the contrary,the quality of this component of brick is not good.If cracks are found, the four corners are found.Products which are flaw,uneven or broken angle are unqualified.
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