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Characteristics and application of flake graphite powder

Flake graphite powder is processed by natural graphite pulverization,and flake graphite is processed into powdery graphite powder.The flake graphite powder has good thermal conductivity,electrical conductivity and lubrication effect.The flake graphite powder has chemical stability and good thermal conductivity.It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and low permeability.There are many specifications for flake graphite powder.Flake graphite powder with different specifications and different carbon content has different applications in industrial production.

Flake graphite powder is a natural lubricant that can be processed into various solid powder lubricants for lubrication between machine parts.Flake graphite powder is often used as a lubricant in the mechanical industry because lubricating oils are often not used at high speeds.It is used under high temperature and high pressure conditions,and flake graphite powder can play the role of lubrication,wear resistance,high temperature resistance and low temperature.

The thermal conductivity of the flake graphite powder is processed by a special process to form a heat conductive material,which can be applied to the heat conduction and heat dissipation of the LED lamp.It has the characteristics of fast heat dissipation,high temperature resistance and light weight,and provides an effective solution for miniaturization and high integration of electronic components.The flake graphite powder can play its corresponding role in different applications.

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Characteristics and application of flake graphite powder