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The Main Raw Material Used in the Production of Calcium Sulphoaluminate Cement Clinker

The technical requirements of bauxite, the main raw material used in the production of calcium sulphoaluminate cement clinker, are listed in the table below.

Clinker Name

Chemical composition (%)




Ordinary CSA Cement clinker




Ferroaluminate cement clinker




As is known to all, the technical requirements of the raw materials for producing cement clinker are that the content of Al2O3 is more than 70% and the content of SiO2 is less than 9%. It can be seen from the table that the technical requirements for the raw materials of the common calcium sulphoaluminate cement clinker production are greatly relaxed. The content of Al2O3 can be relaxed to more than 60%, and the content of SiO2 can be relaxed to less than 20%. The production of ferroaluminate cement clinker has wider technical requirements for clay. Not only the content of alumina can be reduced by 5%, but also the content of Fe2O3 can be more than 5%. This shows that the lower grade bauxite can be used in the production of ferroaluminate cement, and the ferro-bauxite can also be used. It can be seen that in the selection of raw materials, the production of ordinary calcium sulphoaluminate cement has great advantages over that of aluminate cement, while the production of ferroaluminate cement has a greater advantage, and the available bauxite resources are more extensive.

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