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Activated Clay

Introduction of Activated Clay

Our product Activated Clay is clay of bentonite origin, it is chemically inert and non-toxic. We got Activated Clay after the bentonite has been processed with acid activation (usually hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid), the adsorption properties are considerably improved. Activated Clay can be reactivated by heating it to get it to release the substances it has adsorbed, allowing people to reuse it.

Applications for Activated Clay

Edible oil, animal fat oil decoloration and purification
Soap etc daily chemical
Lubricants, paroline, naphthienic acid etc medical industry.
Water Purification
Waste engine oil, diesel

The advantages of the Activated Clay

The quality overpass the GB standard
Stable performance
High purification and decolorize
Fast filter speed
Lower acid

Physical and Chemical Properties of Activated Clay

Item Value
Physical Decolorize Rate (%) ≥95
Free Acid(Calculated as H2SO4)% ≤0.2
Leaching rate(ml/min) ≥4.0
Activation(0.1NNaOH/100g) 190--230
Granularity(200mesh)% ≥95
Moisture (%) ≤12
Pile Density(ml/g) 0.7-1.1
Chemical SiO2% 60-70
AL2O3% 15-18
Fe2O3% 43134
MgO% 43165

Packaging of Activated Clay

Activated Clay is available in ton-jumbo bag. Other packaging is according to customer’s requirement.
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