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Construction Requirements for Csa Cement for Self-leveling

1. Before making a self-leveling cement, we need to check on the ground and construct if it can be self-leveling level. In addition to, we have to make sure that the ground is dry, and the flatness error of the whole ground is not very big or we’d better use too much cement simple leveling before construction. And we need to ensure that no cracks on the ground, which will let plasmonic easily flow in when we do csa cement for self-leveling.

2. Before the construction, we should clean the ground as a whole to ensure the cleanliness of the ground. No buildings, paint spots or oil stains are allowed. After that, we should polish the whole ground.

3. After polishing the ground, we need to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust and ensure the ground is clean.

4. After the ground treatment, we need to brush the ground with a layer of self-leveling construction interface agent, can be 1:1 water, and the best amount per square should be controlled between 100-150 grams.

5. When painting interfacial agent, we should ensure good indoor ventilation. Because after coating interfacial agent, we need to ensure that it is completely dry before we can do the self-leveling construction, and the waiting time is about 1-3 hours, which can basically meet the construction requirements.

6. We must, in accordance with the specification solution when making csa cement for self-leveling blending. It’s best against the good within the mixing barrel, and then use the professional tools for stirring until the mixture evenly into flow without clots. Then we have to rapidly dump the mixed csa cement for self-leveling to the area of construction and use auxiliary tool such as roller to cement their average uniform distribution on the ground. Please pay attention that our construction must be reasonable arrangement of time and end in 15 minutes, with the thickness of 2 mm.

7. Let it sit for 24 hours and can't be trampled. We can proceed to the next type of work construction after 1-2 days.

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Construction Requirements for Csa Cement for Self-leveling