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Factors Influencing Carbon Increasing Effect

(1) The effect of particle size of carbon raiser:
The absorptivity of the carbon raiser depends on the comprehensive effect of the dissolution and diffusion rate and the oxidation loss rate of the carbon raiser China. In general, the particle size of the carbon raiser is small, the dissolution speed is fast and the loss speed is high; the particle size of the carburant is large, the dissolution speed is slow and the loss speed is small. The choice of size of carburant is related to furnace diameter and capacity. Generally speaking, the diameter and capacity of the furnace are larger, and the size of the carburant is larger; conversely, the size of the carburant is smaller.

(2) The influence of the amount of carbon raiser added:
Under the same temperature and chemical composition, the saturation concentration of carbon in molten iron is constant. At a certain saturation, the more the carburant is added, the longer the time required for dissolution and diffusion, the greater the corresponding loss and the lower the absorptivity.

(3) The effect of temperature on the absorptivity of carbon raiser:
In principle, the higher the temperature of molten iron, the better the absorption and dissolution of the carburant. On the contrary, the carburant is difficult to dissolve and the absorption rate of the carburant decreases. However, when the temperature of molten iron is too high, although the carbon raiser is easier to dissolve sufficiently, the burning rate of carbon will increase, resulting in the decrease of carbon content and the overall absorption rate of the carburant. Generally, when the temperature of molten iron is 1460-1550 C, the absorption efficiency of carburizer is the best.

(4) The influence of molten iron stirring on the absorptivity of carbon raiser:
Stirring is conducive to the dissolution and diffusion of carbon and avoids the burning of the carbon raiser floating on the surface of molten iron. Before the carburant is completely dissolved, the stirring time is long and the absorption rate is high. Stirring can also reduce the time of carbonization and heat preservation, shorten the production cycle and avoid the burning loss of alloying elements in molten iron. However, the mixing time is too long, which not only has a great impact on the service life of the furnace, but also aggravates the carbon loss in molten iron after the carburant dissolves. Therefore, the proper mixing time of molten iron should be to ensure the complete dissolution of the carburant.

(5) The effect of chemical composition of iron liquefaction on the absorption of carbon raiser:
When the initial carbon content in molten iron is high, under a certain dissolution limit, the absorption rate of the carburant is slow, the absorption amount is small, the burning loss is relatively large, and the absorption rate of the carbon raiser China is low. When the initial carbon content of molten iron is low, the opposite is true. In addition, silicon and sulphur in molten iron hinder the absorption of carbon and reduce the absorption rate of carburetor, while manganese is helpful to the absorption of carbon and improve the absorption rate of carburetor. As far as the degree of influence is concerned, silicon is the biggest, manganese is the second, and carbon and sulfur are the least. Therefore, in the actual production process, manganese, carbon and silicon should be added first.
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