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Fireclay Brick for Blast Furnace

Furnace bricks is a kind of clay brick for lining blast furnace. Low Fe2O3 content, high temperature, high strength at room temperature and high density are required. In the 1950s, China successfully manufactured furnace bricks supplier and built 1000 m3 large blast furnaces. Furnace bricks are used in the throat, body, hearth and bottom of small blast furnace lining. In the 1990s, clay bricks were used in the body of large blast furnaces and replaced by high alumina bricks, silicon carbide bricks and carbon bricks in other parts. So The proportion of furnace bricks decreased gradually.

The physical and chemical properties of furnace bricks are as follows: Al2O3 (>42%), Fe2O3 (<1.7%), refractoriness greater than 1750 (?), load softening temperature T0.6 (0.2MPa) greater than 1430 (?), reburning line change (1450 (?), 3h) 0-0.33%, apparent porosity less than 16%, normal temperature lining pressure strength greater than 49MPa.

Furnance bricks have high compressive strength at room temperature and can resist abrasion of burden during normal operation; small volume shrinkage under long-term operation at high temperature; it is beneficial to maintaining the integrity of the lining; low apparent porosity and low Fe2O3 content, reducing carbon deposition in the pores and causing the bricks to expand loosely and damage in use; low melting point substances form less, which makes blast furnace clay bricks have better performance than ordinary clay bricks.

The production process of clay brick is basically the same. Its characteristics are high purity of raw materials. Al2O3 (>44%) and Fe2O3 (<1.2%) in clay clinker are generally required. Al2O3 (> 38%) and Fe2O3 (< 2%) in bound clay.

Iron removal is necessary in raw material crushing, crushing and sludge preparation. Mixed fine powder, slurry and pulp waste liquid are used as binders. With high tonnage brick press, the forming pressure is more than 50 MPa. The bulk density is more than 2.38g/cm3. The firing temperature is 1380-1400 C.

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